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Alisha’s Infinite Dreams

by Alisha Bradburn
from Penticton BC

Mostly paint acrylic paintings, some oil and learning spray paint. I mostly use canvas, but am also frequent on using wood and painting landscapes and idea’s. I also do mail boxes and other household things. Also into some sculpting. And have recently started making fun voodoo dolls.

Facebook: Alisha’s Infinite Dreams

Armin’s Wooden Toys

by Armin Meile
from Kelowna BC

It’s my hobby to make wooden Toys for children and puzzles for adults.
Christmas ornaments and wooden crafts. All products are made out of different woods, well shaped and sanded.
The most of them are special design.

bumble & bee

by Carla O’Bee
from Penticton BC

My work is solely designed and crafted by me. My jewelry is inspired by both natural and bohemian elements. I use high quality crystals in all of my jewelry as well as hand stamped metal elements. I truly want the wearer of my work to somehow resonate with both the healing qualities of the crystals as well as with the words that I hand stamp into the metal. I start with a design idea and I bring this idea to life in my home based studio.

I am also a painter and an illustrator. Most of my artwork is inspired by animals, colourful compositions and a bit of humour. I love making people smile through my art. I use a variety of mediums in my work including oil paint, charcoal, graphite and pencil crayon.


Bung and Spigot Gift Co

by Jennifer Zarr
from Kelowna BC

We are a mother daughter duo who customize and laser engrave various wooden products. We specialize in miniature useable 2 liter wine and/or spirits barrels. We sand, stain, engrave, and/or custom laser cut our products for a truly unique piece for each customer.

Coldstream Pottery

by Garry and Dorothy Allen
from Penticton BC

Garry is a master potter with over 40 years experience. He hand throws on a wheel every pot. He does not use moulds or jiggers to mass produce his wares. We throw with a white stone ware clay , meant for everyday use. All functional ware. His wife Dorothy does all the glazing in beautiful jewel tone glazed, blue green brow purple and tri colours.


Dragon Lion Design

by Carl Williams
from Penticton BC

Graphic designed Sandblasted stemware . Custom cut designs etched onto vases,bowls and other such substrates.


Dreamtime Clay Studio

by Kelly Harrison
from Penticton BC

I’ve been making functional and decorative Stoneware Pottery since 1992. For the last three seasons since moving to Penticton I’ve been focusing on Penticton Farmers Market as a vendor, Summerland Summer Market as vendor, and Peachland Waterfront Park as a Vendor. As well as selling as vendor at Christmas shows such as this and Craft Culture.

Facebook: Dreamtime Clay Studio

GZ Glass Studio

by Angela Zissoff
from Kaleden, BC

Working with miniature size elements has been a nice contrast to the larger scale Chris & Angela are used to. There is still a strong desire to create landscape imagery or symbols that are meaningful in the pendants although the artist’s whims are revealed in the more abstract pieces. The artists work with transparent, opaque and dichroic glass and combine them in interesting, and not always predictable ways.


Ignite Custom Designs

by Joanne Caldwell
from Westwold, BC

One of a kind, hand crafted art made of clay, producing chef cutlery, scarf art, snap buttons charms and shawl pins. I take raw polymer clay and through a process of conditioning, sculpting, baking, sanding and buffing, create unique items.


It Used to Be a Tree

by Greg Trumbley

Greg Trumbley is a chainsaw sculptor. His best sellers are his salad bowls. He starts every bowl with a chainsaw, this allows him to create very unique shapes. This also allows no two bowls to be the same. The chainsaw marks are then softened using a grinder, then a sander. Every bowl is oiled about six or seven times depending on the porosity.

Facebook: It Used to be a Tree

Kiln 9 Ceramics

by Candace Webb
from Kelowna, BC

I have always believed you must do things with passion and authenticity or not at all.
As a third-generation artist I have learned that it is important to keep a passionate and thirsty outlook on life, follow your heart, stay flexible and work really hard to get the most satisfying results.
I have been making pottery for over 15 years; My formal ceramics education combined with a pottery apprenticeship background and continual obsession and stoke for ceramics has led me to becoming a full-time artist.
I have a strong interest in blending traditional and contemporary ceramics techniques to create statement utilitarian ceramic vessels. My ceramics are primarily hand-thrown, altered, or slab built and fired using my own hand-mixed glazes on a mid-range porcelain.
With continual research, development and collaboration with chefs, designers and artists, I am endlessly inspired to make one-of-a-kind handmade functional everyday ceramics that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect.


Kim Groome Fine Arts

by Kim Groome
from Penticton, BC

Hand painted tiles, art pieces in general, oils, all handmade goods.

Me & My Cat Stained Glass

by Larry James
from Nelson BC

I have been doing stained glass for almost forty years but only five as a full time business. My favorite styles are Art Deco and Victorian followed by occasional journeys into the abstract genre. I often create a piece of work using strictly clear textured glass so as to allow Mother Nature to do the colouring process depending on the season and the weather. In the past two years I have been rescuing vintage windows as well as table and floor lamps in need of repairs and/or a new shade. I save the clear glass from the old windows and reuse it in the my line of photo frames offered in five popular size formats. I then design vintage-inspired leaded glass inserts to install in those lovely old window frames.
I enjoy doing craft fairs, festivals and markets in the Kootenays and Okanagan regions as it allows me to offer something for all budgets while interacting directly with the customer. In addition to commissioned work and repairs, I typically offer a line of unique table lamps, boxes, photo frames, sun catchers, hanging panels, vintage windows, vintage table and floor lamps, and vintage inspired Christmas decorations.


Nature’s Gift

by Michelle McLelland
from Penticton BC

From discarded wood we make candle holders, trays, cutting boards & much much more into treasured pieces. Once the vision appears woodworking tools vintage & modern begin the process followed by hours of hand finishing to become a gift of nature.

Paula Cowen Images

by Paula Cowen
from Summerland BC

I take photos of local scenery, old vehicles, plants and animals. I then use various programs to edit my photos and create beautiful works of art. Photos are professionally printed, then I dry mount them or frame them in unique frames.

Facebook: Paula Cowen Images


by Courtney Sendzik
from Penticton BC

I’m an artist, and my preschool son and I love to collaborate on drawing. In the evenings we settle in and I ask him what he’d like me to draw… I then sketch it using ink on canvas and then add a caption/quote/lesson that I’d like him to eventually learn or consider when he sees the art. The result is this collection of artwork that includes the original canvases and now over 100 different prints available on archival paper, packaged in acid free wrap and supportive backing. The prints and originals make very thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones of all ages, and look lovely with all kinds of home decor.


Solar In Fusion

by Elizabeth Acker
from Oliver, BC

I design and create fused glass whimsy and decorative household art. My pieces range from small ( 2 X 5 inches) to large art décor ( 12 X 13 inches). I create beautiful fused glass images of mostly flowers, some birds and other items of focus in sun catchers, chimes and wall art. Each piece is meticulously hand cut and ground to “paint” the picture. I take commissions and so far, I have been able to please my customers with beautiful pieces. My work ranges from $25.00 to $300.00. These lovely pieces reflect the passion I have for my art.

Stained Glass

by Tammy Robinson
from Greenwood BC

I make stained glass pieces big & small, traditional & custom orders. Innovation is my most successful tool!

StarFire Stained Glass

by Lorie Fredrickson
from Oliver BC

I have being doing stained glass for about seven years in my home. Love to make all kinds of different things from glass, looks so awesome when they are finished.

Sticks & Stones Art Studio

by Stacy Sullivan
from Grand Forks BC

I create rock art in barnwood frames and I paint mandala paintings on river stones. Each one of my pieces of art is unique and inspired by the beauty of the natural world.


Three Corners Artisan

by Aleena Webber
from Chilliwack BC

I create vessels with simple lines and clean pallets. I use real gold detail to add elegance and depth to my pottery. Most of my pieces are created in the wheel by me in my Fraser Valley Studio.
I hand make all of my vessels starting from a ball of clay. I work mostly in the wheel, then fireing my pieces up to three times.

Facebook: ThreeCornersArtisan
Instagram: @threecornersartisan

Will Enns Art Studio

by Will Enns
from Summerland BC

Upon viewing Will Enns’ work, people are often surprised to discover it was all created by one person. Will is a versatile spirit who is not limited by stylistic conventions or subject matter. He is perhaps best known for his Wine in the Water theme, his Fashion images, and lately, his realistic, 3-d paintings on wine barrel staves.

Will’s love of his subjects comes through clearly in his unexpected interpretations and exuberant color choices. He is always happy to engage with people who love art, and looks forward to meeting with you.


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