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Diana Marie’s Jewelry

by v
from Kelowna, BC

Diana Marie’s Jewelry offers unique, original, handcrafted jewelry items made from natural stones, crystals, leather and silver or gold plated findings. Jewelry items include necklaces, chokers, bracelets, ankle bracelets, boot bracelets, rosaries and beaded Christmas decorations. Quality at affordable prices.


Divine Expressions Jewellery

by Lisa Brown
from Kelowna, BC

I am an Okanagan-based Eco-Silversmith. I have a fascination for metal manipulation and unique designs which define my style as a jewellery artist. My involvement with every aspect of the process; from concept and design to fabrication and production create pieces that are simple yet bold, delicate yet strong. They become the extensions of my passions; music and words, nature and the environment, form and texture.

My love for metalsmithing reaches deeper than fabrication; upon researching metals’ origins and mining practices I have been moved to be as ethical as possible in my trade. On top of creating a “”green”” acid-free studio; I have completely switched to a new silver which has been introduced within my field; Argentium. Argentium Silver is the only ethically sourced silver available today, created entirely from recycled sterling silver. It is highly tarnish resistant, hypoallergenic, and both whiter and stronger than regular sterling silver.


Eternal Gem Jewelry

by Sara Schauerte
from Summerland, BC

Uniquely handmade wire weaved jewelry using crystals and stones as well as wire dreamcatchers. Using different gauges of wire I hand twist all my jewelry/dreamcatchers. As well as use small hand tools.

Facebook: Eternal Gem Jewelry

Flora and Forest Jewellery

by Flora and Forest Jewellery
from Flora and Forest Jewellery

Flora and Forest Jewellery are handmade pieces of jewellery using hand grown, dyed and pressed flowers that are encased in resin. Each piece is one of a kind, just like the flowers themselves.

Each piece begins as a flower that is grown in my garden. I then either press the natural flower in a flower press or dye (using floral dye) and press the flowers. They’re then trimmed or cut to size and then encased in layers of resin over the span of 3-5 days.


Jazzzy Jems

by Verna Piccott
from Osoyoos, BC

I have a wide selection of “snap on” jewellery. This product is unique in that it is interchangeable jewellery. I also make several of my bracelets myself to complement the imported products. The beauty of my product is that customers can design their own pieces using the “snaps” that I import. I use a silky fabric rope to create some of my own bracelets in a variety of colours. Also, I bring much of this rope to the Dominican Republic where I pay an underprivileged family to cut and sew the rope before I add the metal fasteners. A large portion of sales also is given to this Dominican family to help them with day to day living expenses.

Linda’s Jewellery Design

by Linda Wiebe
from West Kelowna, BC

Handcrafted sterling silver jewellery that incorporates pearls, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystals in elegant modern designs. My styles range from classic to modern chic. The jewellery is crafted from quality products only so it is timeless and is worn by my customers for many years.

Natural Jacks Design

by Jackie Rose Ward
from Kelowna BC

Natural Jacks Design is a line of lava Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry which I’ve personally designed and handcrafted in Kelowna, BC. Each piece contains one or more lava stone beads which are the perfect medium for diffusing essential oils due to their pourus nature. I have used all natural gemstones, leathers and precious metals to create an array of wrap bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. There is a piece suited to everyone!


Oh! The Post!

by Laura Burnell-Higgs
from Kelowna, B.C.

Unique & one-of-a-kind jewelry made from used & vintage postage stamps. Stamps are selected for their imagery, colour & history, then set behind glass and finished into beautiful pendants, lockets & earrings!

I make one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry from authentic used & vintage postage stamps. Every piece I make is made from a real stamp – nothing is photocopied or photoshopped! I choose the stamps based on their imagery, colour & history, then set them behind glass and finish into various shapes of pendants, different styles of earrings, as well as lockets, pins and cufflinks. I then research the country and year of origin of every piece so I’m able to help people connect with pieces that mean something to them!


Pink Raven Jewelry

by Shantelle Gartner
from Salmon Arm, BC

Modern and delicate jewelry with a touch of whimsy. Fine handmade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, made with 16k white and yellow gold plated components. Added to the mix are natural stones, freshwater pearls, and glass. And for something unique and one-of-a-kind, hand painted shabby faux patina jewelry with a bohemian flair.


Plein De Vie Jewelry

by Tammy Dammann
from Vernon, BC

Influenced by the surroundings of where I live, my handcrafted jewelry brings out the beauty from a natural environment where we are surrounded by water, rolling hills, flowers and trees overlooking the Okanagan Lake. All of the pieces I craft are made from my home, where I work with a variety of materials such as 925 sterling silver, silver filled, glass / wood beads, Swarovski beads ranging from crystals to pearls and a variety of stringing materials such as flexible wire, chain, leather, satin rope. Each piece strives to represent “Plein de vie” which means full of life and finding pleasure in simplicity. My goal is to create designs that can not only be worn today but can still be enjoyed for years to come. My focus is on using high quality materials that will last if you appreciate and take care of them.

Instagram: @kelownajeweler

Rustic Vines

by Toni
from Kaleden,BC

Local homebased canadian artisan making handcrafted unique jewelry. Each piece is one of a kind hand crafted from leather bead wraps, essential oil jewelry and earrings.

Facebook: Rustic Vines

Salt + Sage

by Cayla Joss
from Kelowna BC

I create mindful adornments that help to promote a spiritual practice through connection to the energetic vibrations of crystals. This includes Mala bracelets and necklaces, crystal earrings and hand poured crystal infused meditation candles.


SIMS Jewelry Co.

by Sarah Simpson Byrne
from Kelowna, BC

Multi-Function Accessories including wine charms, zipper and purse charms, xmas decor, attachable pendants, wrap bracelet & necklace all in one, and gift sets.

Triple wire wrapping 22 pieces using steel and a hand made technique for longevity, multi-use attachable pendants, great for gifting and collecting, been making in my home for almost 10 years.


Stonewall Collections

by Lidia Kotulska
from Summerland BC

At Stonewall Collections we sell a large selection of handmade jewelry at affordable prices. We try to have something for everyone: earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets and key chains. All our earrings have either surgical steel wires, or are hypoallergenic and all components are lead, nickel and cadmium free. We also have a large range of lava rock diffuser jewelry. All our jewelry is made at our home in Summerland, from components sourced from all over the world.


Tomo Jewelry

by Tomoe Mizuguchi
from Lake Country, BC

I create hand stamped monogram jewelry. All supply is from Japan. They are high quality and have dainty detail.


Treasure Chest Crafts

by Lisa Leaver
from Summerland, BC

I create beautiful necklaces, earrings, as well as bracelets. My hand crafted jewelry can be worn with casual wear or for a night out. My affordable jewelry is sure to put a smile on your face . I use a variety of crystals, stones and glass. I create my hand crafted jewelry with the customer in mind. I am always finding new techniques in making my jewelry. I also sell Powerseed is a high quality portable power supply for your portable device. The housing is made of Aluminum Alloy for strength and durability and trimmed with aircraft grade acrylic. Inside is a high quality rechargeable Lithium ion battery protected by an intelligent charging circuit, which also protects your device.

Trudy’s Treasures

by Trudy van Kessel
from Penticton, B.C.

Jewellery; some hand made, others imported from around the world.

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