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Welcome back to the 21st Annual Christmas Craft & Sustainable Living Show!

Below you will find all the info you need to know to be ready to have a great and successful weekend.

Nov 4: 10 am – 5 pm
Nov 5: 10 am – 4 pm

Set up is Friday November 3rd from 5-8PM. We STRONGLY recommend all vendors set up during this time, but it is not required. All vendors must leave the building by 8 pm. This is a secure building, all displays/product and booth spaces can remain in place overnight. Doors will be locked.

Additional set up hours are provided on Saturday morning from 7-9AM. All vendors not set up by 9AM may lose their booth space.

All loading and unloading must be done from the REAR of the building, through the main loading bay doors. Dollies and carts are available, but there are few, so pack your own if you can. There will also be some assistants if you need them.

The parking area directly in front of the doors has very limited space. Please unload efficiently and move your car so the next person can use the space. Once you have moved your car, please ONLY PARK IN PARKING SPOTS.

In general, parking is an issue, there are limited spaces available. We will do our best to find additional lots close by for the weekend, but encourage carpooling from hotels. Absolutely NO vendor parking in the front parking lot.

Virtually all booths have at least two sides to sell from, except for 5×10’ booths. The majority of booths share at least one side with another booth. Please keep the aisles as clear as you can during set up, and do not place your things in someone else’s space. No canopy tent frames are permitted so make other arrangements for your own free-standing racks and signage if necessary. No booths come with pipe and drape unless ordered.

Wall space is limited. There is some ability to hang from the walls. Again, please plan to bring your own free-standing racks or pre-order pipe from our application form.

Pre-ordered tables, chairs, pipe and drape and electricity will either be in place, or will be brought to your booth during your set up. All items EXCEPT for electricity can be ordered while you set up, if you forgot something.

Prices for extra accessories:

  • Extra 6’ table (non skirted) $10 each
  • Chairs $5 each
  • Pipe only: $35
  • Pipe & drape: $65

Ordering these items in advance IF you haven’t already done so is a very good idea. There is no guarantee of availability at the event.

Please bring your own table cloths/coverings, lights, power bars and any other decor that you would like to use. Think festive, folks! We are excited to bring back our AWARDS for top booths, including the most Christmas-themed booth, so step up your game!

Special Note to all 10` x 5 vendors: It is strongly recommended that you do a trial set up BEFORE this event. Mark off 10’ (your frontage) by 5’ (depth) and set a table, chair, you and your product in that space. In most cases you will NOT have a corner, but be right next to someone else on both sides. There will be small aisle to your rear, separating you from the vendor directly behind you. These are small spaces with no extras. Only one 6` table will fit in this space.

Please park in the rear of the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre. There is ample free parking in the back of the building, as we are adjacent to the South Okanagan Events Centre. There will be a couple of folks helping you find a parking space there when you have finished unloading. Please do not park along the driveway into the parking lot, or on the grass. Remember that if you park awkwardly, several people will follow you, so help set a good example! Please reserve the front of the building for our happy customers on the days of the event. We are anticipating record crowds again this year and so need every available parking space in front. If you have an assistant coming to help you, please make sure they park at the REAR of the PTTC. If you can carpool from your hotel, we recommend it. Please do not park in front of the PTTC, we want customers to park there.

DAY ONE: Saturday, Nov. 4th
Early access: 7:00 am – 10:00 am

Showtime: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The PTCC will be open at 7:00 am for vendor load in/set-up. Please park at the rear of the building and access your booth via the rear doors. If you have not arrived by 9AM you will lose your space without refund, If you are running VERY late for whatever reason, call Laurel immediately 250.460.0177.

The Penticton Trade and Convention Centre is a secure building. You do not need to take down on Saturday night. Many folks bring simple bed sheets to cover their product. Do take your cash box with you!

DAY TWO: Sunday, Nov. 5th
Early access: 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Showtime: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Take down begins at 4:00 pm. DO NOT dismantle your booth or take items down before this time. Even if you have sold out of your product, wait until the show is over to allow for the look and feel of the event to be sustained until the last moments. Vendors who begin take down before 4pm will not be invited back the following year. Load out will occur through the rear loading doors ONLY.

Coming soon! We will release this by October 1st.

OKAY GREAT! Now what else do you need to know?
There are ATMs on site. All vendors will have WIFI access. There is no access for streaming videos, etc, that must be ordered and paid for separately.

VENDOR AWARDS! This was such a hit last year, we are thrilled to be encouraging vendors to set up their most beautiful booths. Awards this year will include: Best Booth in Show, Best Christmas-Themed Booth/Products, Best New Vendor, Best Upcycled/Sustainable Living Booth.

Need a place to stay? The Sandman Inn Penticton is offering discount prices for Okanagan Maker vendors. The Sandman is within walking distance of the PTTC.

If you have any other questions, we’re here to help! Please call Laurel directly if you have something super important to confirm: 250-492-7717.

MARKETING & MORE! The more all of us can do to promote this event the better it will be!!! WE strongly encourage you to LIKE & SHARE our facebook page. Share our poster in your neighborhood, and send it out to all your customers, family and friends.

We are extremely excited for this year’s event! We expect record crowds again so be sure to bring your stock, bring your smiles, and bring the Christmas spirit!

We’ll see you soon!

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